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Effective Bus Capacitance Required for VI-ARM, FARM, and ENMod Holdup Time

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VI-ARM data sheet *VI-ARM: Please refer to the data sheet for
output power derating below input voltages
105V (lower range) and 210V (upper range).
FARM data sheet
ENMod data sheet
Minimum expected line voltage: 
   (90–132, 180–264)
Maximum expected load*: W
Converter weighted average efficiency: %
Output bus voltage:  Vdc
VI-ARM model: 
VI-ARM rating:  W
VI-ARM output:  W
AC line frequency (47–440): Hz
Design holdup time: 
  (min. + 1/2 line cycle)
Energy expended:  J
Enter values for either a or b below.
 Min. required  ms
 Effective output bus capacitance:  µF
Effective output bus capacitance:  µF AC fail warning:  ms
Holdup capacitors (2 each, 200Vdc rating) µF Ride-through time:  ms
Expected bus ripple voltage:  V p-p Total holdup time:  ms
Recommended Vicor holdup box: 
(value of each capacitor, part number)
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